Top 10 strangest buildings

Top 10 strangest buildings|bizzare builds.

Hii everyone!!This blog is all about the Top 10 strangest buildings made by the engineers. From upside-down buildings to acient Spooky castles, there are plenty of weird and wonderful structures out there down to explore….

Top 10 strangest buildings.

Top 10 strangest buildings

1) Forest spiral 

  • This is one of the  most creative in Top 10 strangest buildings  because shows the creativity upto where we can’t imagine.
  • Building  : Forest spiral

  • Location : Germany

  • How strange

  These 105 apartment looks like   rock sedimentation crossed with a rainbow and onion.

Top 10 strangest buildings


 2) Basket building

  • Building : Basket building

  • Location : USA(united states of america)

  • Looks like…

  •  A seven floor high wicker basket! Think how many Blu-rays and video game you could1 get into that!

Top 10 strangest buildings

3) kanas City public                  library

  • Building  : kanas city public                        library.

  • Location : USA(united states                      of america.

  • Bound to be on the list……

  •   The building exist in the list       because it’s designed to look like 40-feet wide leather-bound books on  the shelf!‏

Top 10 strangest buildings

4) Guggenheim museum         bilbao

  • Building  : guggenheim                                 museum bilbao

  • Location :  spain

  Art attack :-

This sprawling art museum looks just like a futuristic battleship has docked into the city! and this is the reason this museum ranks 4th in the list.

Top 10 strangest buildings


              The guggenheim art museum  is a truely multi cultural creation: it’s in spain’s basque country, designed by canadian frank gehry (now based in the us), and constructed by the multi- national ferrovial!

Top 10 strangest buildings

5) Chapel of the holy              cross

  • Building  : chapel of the holy                       cross .

  • Location : USA (united                                 states  of america.

  •  Rockin’..(speciality)

  •   Imagine a sleek, sophisticated        stone spacecraft emerging from    the arizona’s ancient dessert          rocks!

Top 10 strangest buildings

6) Dancing house

  • Building  : Dancing house

  • Location : prague

  • What’s make the building strange is it’s structure which shows cementing a friendship....

Top 10 strangest buildings

  This looks just like two                    people dancing close                        together, cheek-to-cheek!

Top 10 strangest buildings

7) Manchester civil                   justice center

  • Building  : manchester civil                        justice centre

  • Location : UK(united-                                    kingdom)

Top 1o strangest buildings

  • Fact file (speciality):-

  The entire building’s 17 floor        resembles a towering filling          canibet, complete with open          drawers.

Top 10 strangest buildings

8) National library of               belarus

  • Building  : National library                         of belarus

  • Location  : Belarus

  • How looks special:-

  Neon UFO diamond shaped            aliencra  covered in purple            lights? No it’s actually                      minsk’s main library!

Top 10 strangest buildings

9) WonderWorks

  • Building  : WonderWorks

  • Location : USA(united states                      of america)

  • Speciality :-

I’m wondering..did a tornado can do this? Nope it was built to look upside-down.

Top 10 strangest buildings

  • Even  inside does too!

Top 10 strangest buildings

  •    xtreme fact                 about WonderWorks 

If you are ever in a piegon forge Tennesse,USA, visit the upside down world of the  Wonder-Work. It has over 100 interactive  exhibits,includiding a challenge zone complete with a rock climbing wall!!..

10) House attack at The             Momuk

  • Building  : House at the                                momuk.

  • Location : Austria.

  • whats make the building strangest..

Moving home easy to spot this Vienna…. A house has Crashed into the roof of this contemporary museum!

Top 10 strangest buildings

     Give it a try…..


Why didn’t you give a try to build your own dream house ? If these list proove any thing, it you can be as creative and imaginative as you like. Once you have designed it try making a model of it with whatever materials you get to your hand…for example:- wood wire, sticks,cardboard ,etc ..etc let’s give it a try ..

Model home

 So this are the          world’s top 10 strangest structure

If you have any queries or suggestions in this list of top 10 strangest buildings comment down below ..

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