Stopping drinking tea habbit facts

Hiii everyone welcome back, today  we will discuss and clear all  confusion regarding should stop tea or not. And will see the physical and psychological affects of Stopping drinking tea habbit facts.

And we will discuss on 8 such effects that occurs on stopping regular tea .

Also finally you will be having a proper solution for your tea habbit as you want.

Stopping drinking tea habbit

So is tea good for our health?

Should i stop drinking tea?

  • When we start drinking tea on daily basis regularly and got into the habbit of drinking every day without Knowing what it does for us or without any reason .And know not sure whether should continue or not.

  • Before you make any decisions just give a look here.That how simple things like stopping drinking tea can bring drastic changes. Change in your weight, how well does you sleep, your energy level and your digestive system.

What if we start stopping drinking tea habbit at all?

 It can result in this 8 manners..

So our first and second topic of this stopping drinking tea habbit facts is regarding gaining &loosing weight. So lets start…

8 specific effects of stopping drinking tea habbit …

1) weight can go down.

  • If you drink your tea currently with milk , honey or 2-3 packets of sugar and the tea doesn’t contain any calories,t hen you are adding lot of calories to your diet .

  • More even if you drink tea twice in a day and if you stop currently then you can lose your weight.

  • If you are also drinking packed bottles sweet tea which you do not make at home can help you in a good sleep and digestive system but it also contains lots of calories.

drinking tea habbit

2) weight can go up .

Stopping drinking tea habbit

  • If you are got into the habbit of drinking zero-calorie tea at the night before going to bed.And if you stop this then you body can start expecting a treat at that time .

  • If tea is not an option for you then it can make you a request to inhale high calorie food instead of tea .      In this way you will start consuming more calorie then before .

Stopping drinking tea habbit

  • Tea’s are usually like a healthy option when you fill up your tummy with tea then less space is left in your stomach for evening calorie snacks.

Stopping drinking tea habbit

  • grean tea is a healthy option and when you stop it then you feel sluggish.


3) It may make you struggle to concentrate.

  • Some tea’s can stimulate your brain, sharpen your focus and even improve your memory .

  1.  The periwinkle tea containing vicamine compound increases blood flow to your brain.
  2.  The caffeine and catechins combination in green tea can improve yoiy memory and reaction time.
  3.  The ginko combined with ginseng tea can,in short increase your concenteratic.
  • Scientists in American university said that that peppermint tea can increase your focus.

Stopping drinking tea habbit

  • Same by just looking the rose        merry plant increases memory          function of senior citizens by 15%.

  • So think for not skipping this tea’s.   If you skip this tea’s then you can face problems in concenterating.

Stopping drinking tea habbit

4) you can miss the Anti-oxidants.

  • Teas are known for punching of anti-oxidants specifically green and black tea.

  • According to john wiesburger , tea’s have about 10 times more anti-oxidants then fruits and vegetables .

  • What are the good things of anti-oxidants ?

Some lifestyle factors like air pollution , consuming alcohol , smoking form more free radicals in your body and here the Anti-oxidants works as fighting with them.

  • If your mind is saying to stop the tea then you can get this anti-oxidants by consuming fruits like blueberries, strawberries, pecans , kale , red-cabbage and artichokes.

Stopping drinking tea habbit

5) It can change the way you sleep.

  • Why it is said that a one cup of tea helps you so long after a long day. yes it’s somewhere true.

Stopping drinking tea habbit

  • Some tea’s like.

  1. Chamolie
  2. Valerian
  3. Decaffeinated grean tea
  4. Passion flower

Can treat you with good night sleep.

  • If you are drinking one of this tea daily before bed and decided to stop. you can experience less energetic that time.
  • And if you want to find other way for becoming stress free you can put a habbit of taking a night bath , reading books or listening to music .

Stopping drinking tea habbit

6) You might feel less energized .

Stopping drinking tea habbit

  • Lot of tea’s contains more amount of caffeine like:

  1. green tea
  2. oolong tea
  3. black tea
  4. white tea .

Stopping drinking tea habbit

If you are drinking one of them then you can expect that you are going through caffeine withdrawal at start.

  • If you are sensitive to caffeine stoping drinking a caffeinated tea can feel  relief .

  • Without caffeine you cant get nervous and you can get good night sleep.

7) Might feel more anxious.

  • If you suffer from injury or just going through a stressful time and you have been drinking peppermint, lemon balm, Passion flower ,or rose tea they could help you without Knowing to you.

  1. Peppermint contains menthol that helps by relaxing your muscles.
  2. Lemon balm could reduce stress hormone cortisol.
  3. Passion flower tea contains flavone chrysin compound which is known for having anti- anxiety effects.
  • According to 2009 study conducted in university of Pennsylvania found that a person when suffers from diabetes a chamolie capsule is givev of 8 weeks .so this reduce your injury level.

  • So if you stop drinking those tea’s you could experience low energetic. So this can proove beneficial to you so think of to continue as it may help you for charging your self.

8) Digestive system may struggle.

  • There are many unsweetened and herbal tea’s which are good for digestion.

  • If you are drinking chamomile, dandelion root,ginger,fennel,licorise-root, and peppermint tea, you have been experienced by their effects. Effects such as reducing bloating, treats your upset stomachs, reducing nausea, and make your stomach cramps easy.

Stopping drinking tea habbit

short summary:

A solution for question  stopping drinking habbit is a proper decision or should continue with some changes:-

  • when you drink tea and and fill your belly with your tea , then there is very less space left over for snacks and fatty foods.

  • Many system in our body gets affected by tea .

  • If you pickup tea according to your needs you will get access to multiple type of health benifits.

  • There are over 3,000 types of tea’s, and there is a bound to be a perfect tea for you .

Stopping drinking tea habbit

  • So find yours tea and continue it in healthy manner and drop the idea of stopping drinking tea habbit…

So everybody thats for today , hope you got the answer for is stopping drinking tea habbit is good or bad ..

Yes you can continue it happily by choosing yours tea …

So stay tuned ,see you soon…


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