JRD Tata’s diversification | Tata groups tribute.

Thinking about legends and hard working peoples one name comes in the minds of gerneration is the great leader –Mr. Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata.…Today here in this post we will know about The leader Mr. JRD Tata’s diversification that who was he and how he grown his empire upto 162 times more and also the tributes by him for the peoples .

JRD Tata's Diversification

Short biography :-

  • Born in Paris, on july 29 1904, Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata was the second son of Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata and his french wife Sooni.

JRD Tata's Diversification


The year 2004 is a significant year for the tata group, as it marked the 100 birth aniversary of JRD Tata and Naval tata and the death aniversary of Jamshedji Tata for two generation and two more JRD Tata epitomised a way of life and a culture of buisness that cared for country and its people .

JRD Tata's Diversification

A Tribute :-

JRD Tata's Diversification

  “The wealth gathered by Jamshedji tata and his sons in half century of industrial pioneering formed but a minute fraction of the amount by which they enriched the benefit . The cycle is thus complete; what came from the people gone back to the people many times over” – – JRD TATA .

Tata Group under his leadership :-

JRD Tata's Diversification

  • Established in 1859, Tata Group was already the India’s biggest buisness conglomerate.

  • When Tata became the fourth chairman in 1938. He was 34 years old that time .

  • Under his leader ship the Tata assets Grown up and climbed from Rs62 crores (Rs620 million) in 1939 over to Rs10,000 crores(RS100 billion) in 1990.

JRD Tata's Diversification


  • Taking about JRD Tata’s Diversification, during last half of twentieth century Tata entered many other several buisness. Many of them were unconventional and produced a vast range of product.


  • Tata Group reached from airlines to hotels, trucks to locomotives, soda ash and other chemicals to pharmaceutical and financial services . Also Tea and air air-conditioning to lipstick and colonge..

JRD Tata's Diversification

JRD Tata's Diversification

  • The tata group seemed to make everything and to do everything.

  • One of Tata’s earliest achivement was to cajole ten rival cement companies to merge and form the Associated Cement Companies run by Tata.

  • As an industrialist, JRD Tata is credited with placing the tata group on international map.

  • Being an aviator and pioneer flier he brought commercial aviation to India.

JRD Tata's Diversification

  • As a patron of art, he was revered by India’s artist sculptures and performing artists ;under JRD’s tutelage .

  • The Tata became the biggest buyers promoters and supporters of the art world in India .

JRD Tata's Diversification

  • And as an philianthropist, he was respected for keeping alive and building up the tremendously the Tata Charitable Trust.

So this was JRD Tata’s Diversification for tata group ….

Soon we will come with the leadership of sir JRD Tata ….

So stay tuned and be inspired with this legends mindsets ..


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