5 cool Google search tricks…….

Welcome back everyone today we have came back with 5 cool google search tricks. Do you know beside basic questions and answers, image searches and web results, Google also has many hidden gems to which you may not be familiar with.

Google is the internet for many people’s.  Google’s marquee product,Google Search, has become a much smarter, thanks to google for evolving knowledge graph. Google Search engine no longer  shows you just a list of websites that may have the information you’re looking for  now it can also address you directly with many of your queries.

Here today we will have that 5 cool Google  tricks …

1) Lyrics(written) Facility

  • Google provides lyrics to search results. The feature isn’t really big enough, especially for non-English songs.

  • But it have lots of lyrics of all the popular songs.

  • Also apart from lyrics Google also provide you a link to purchase or download the song.

2) Calculator, Timer, currency converter.

Calculator :

  • solve a complicated mathematical problem by Just Google searching the query. Or by using calculator frequently.

  • For this calculator feature just search for ‘calculator’, Google search will give you an advanced virtual calculator to use. so now no need to download any  application for the same.

Set timer :

  • Similarly, For setting a timer  just search ‘timer’  Google will stopwatch for setting timer.

5 cool google search tricks

Converte currencies :

  • For conversions of currency just search the amount with in ‛INR’ or in any currency you want within the search.

  • The search box also facilitate you to shuffle between currencies and denominations.

  • Another way for currency conversion is  just search currency converter in search box.

5 cool google searches

3)Celebrity questions

  • In this feature celebrities answer commonly questions asked about them on Google in a selfie video.

  • Yes ,now you can get celebrities answering questions about themselves in a selfie video within the search results . still it’s a new feature and It is expected that google will  add more celebrities videos in the future.

 For example, search :- 

  • Can Will Ferrell really play the drums?
  • How to get hairs like priyanka Chopra?

5 cool google search tricks

4)Enjoy the Easter eggs.

Google search has plenty of Easter eggs.

  • ‛Do a barrel roll’

    search ‘do a barrel roll’, the entire web page flips in 360-degrees.

  • Askew

    Similarly, search  ‘askew’ the web layout will appear in a slanted manner.

5 cool google search tricks

5)Enjoy video games

  • If you like to enjoy video games, search for ‘zerg rush’.

  • Also  you can have recursion,   anagram and once in a blue moon.

Play Pacman, Snake and other games..

5 cool google search tricks

  • Enjoy Google’s T-rex game . Also Google search also lets you play some classic videos games from the past. For example, you can play   PacManSnake, and tic-tac-toe. These games are fully functional that you can play it on your desktop using keyboards and mouse. You can also play all the games listed in Google Doodles…click here 

so this are 5 cool Google search tricks ..

Hope you had enjoyed all 5..

If you have any queries in these 5 cool Google search tricks comment down below..

Stay tuned…. Thank-you.

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