4 things driving school don’t teach

Welcome back….today here we are with 4 things driving school don’t teach..

How to become a good driver..Even the most experienced drivers also don’t say about the subtleties and the nuances which make driving easier..

Do you know how to figure out your brake pipes are in good condition or not?..How to wear seat belt properly?..why should we don’t lift up whole feet while swtichins from one pedal to another?.How to adjust seat properly..? And, things are really worth knowing for a safe driving.

4 things driving school don't teach

1)How to adjust your seat properly .

  • When you are on the driver’s seat, your knees should be slightly bent.If you need to strech your leg to reach the gas pedal, move your seat forward .

  • Your seat should be positioned in such way that your hips at the same level as your knees . If you cant clearly full view through Windows or windshield or raise your seat up. You can use pillow to raise your height.

  • The backrest should should be set at 100 degree angle . This is the most comfortable angle for the body.

  • The best way to hold steering is the 9 and 3 position. This is a clock position, imagine your steering is clock your left hand would be on 9 and right hand would be on three. This the best position for handling steering it avoids creating back pain.

4 things driving school don't teach

2) How to check brake pipes.

  • You should constantly keep a look on your brake pipes and brake pads.

  • Even the tiniest crack can cause an accident because you wont be able to stop the car .

  • To Check out wether your vehicles pipes are in good condition, touch them . If they feel hard and show crack while bended then it needs replacement.

4 things driving school don't teach

3) How to switch from one pedal to another easily.

  • You should remember that your foot should typically stay on the heel when you position it over accelerator.

  • But when you move it to the brake pedal, your heel may not be able to touch the floor.

4 things driving school don't teach

4) How to wear your seat belt properly .

  • The top strap should cross your chest and collarbone,a and the lower strap should go across your hips.

  • DO NOT place it over your belly.

  • If your cars seats aren’t adjustable, you can always slide the seat further up or back . If nothing helps get a padded belt cover.

4 things driving school don't teach

So everyone this was  4 things driving school don’t teach….

These are small things but they do matter worthfully…

So be carefull and have safe driving. Thats for today…


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